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2 Important Changes:
1. No More Ferrous Scrap Metal & Appliances will be taken
Sorry, but the cost of hauling, combined with the current low price paid for these materials, has made it impossible for us to help recycle your magnetic steel. :-( We still take brass and copper in lengths up to 5.5 feet, insulated copper wire, and tin/steel food cans (which are their own category, not scrap).

On a brighter note, we are working to get a bobcat (the kind you drive, not the furry critter) so we can again accept and process GLASS--hopefully in spring.

2. The February 11 Valentine Fundraiser Auction is Cancelled.
Why? A few reasons.
December's Give NCW Regional Impact Grant of $7500, along with your online donations of $3045, got us to $10,545 of the $12k we needed to get repairs started and hire a part-time coordinator. BIG THANKS to those who gave during the month-long crowdfunder.

We've also been keeping up with normal expenses fairly well using the combined income from selling recyclables, from the GO Again home improvement thrift store, memberships, and donations given when recycling.

AND--someone (or someones?) just gave us a $20,000 anonymous donation! (It was a cashier's check in an envelope, not a bushel of $1 case you were wondering how someone drops off that kind of anonymous green in the Okanogan....) MIGHTY BIG THANKS to whoever you (or youse) are!

Progress Report
  • We will be posting a job description for the coordinator position soon.
  • The truck has been repaired, wiring and plumbing projects are moving forward, and we're figuring out how to get the forklift to run when there's snow
  • The Warming Room in the big recycling barn (around the temperature-fussy-baler, and non-fussy-but-warmth-deserving volunteers) should be complete by the time you're reading this.
  • And the cold has been intense. We would especially like to thank volunteers MISTY and LAURIE who have been doing tons of work with baling and snow removal...working 'til they are almost blue to help keep us all green. :-)

Happy New Year,
and thank you to all who have helped make the coming year so promising for GO.

We look forward to seeing you
at 3 Rodeo Road in 2017!

GO Recycle & GO Again
at  3 Rodeo Rd
is just south of Tonasket
off Hwy 97 at Clarkson Mill Road 

For general feedback, input, and inquiries we can be reached at:

Green Okanogan
P.O. Box 604
Tonasket, WA 98855

(509) 486-0674


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