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Trashion Fashion Show Fun
See the Pics!

Trashion Show

A great time was had by all at the GO Trashion Show on Saturday April 8th. The food was delicious, the outfits incredible, and the help unbeatable.

Thanks to all who showed up to support our fundraiser (the auditorium at the CCC was at capacity) and celebrated the creativity of our community and the idea that trash can be re-purposed -- even into fashion!

You can see photos of the event on our Facebook page. (You do not need to be a Facebook member to see our posts and pictures--just to comment there.)

If you would like to add your own Trashion Show photos to this album feel free to post them in the comments or message them to our page. If you are not signed in at Facebook, just email pics to and we'll happily post them for you.

(Tuesdays noon to 6pm, not 4; Thursdays and Saturdays remain 10am-4pm)

Earth Day
Saturday, April 22
"Natural Paints, Plasters, and Floors"
at Green Okanogan
3 Rodeo Road, Tonasket

Earth Day 2017

Local expert, and co-author of The Rocket Mass Heater Builder's Guide, Erica Wisner returns to GO on Earth Day to showcase natural and recycled materials for traditional interior decorating.

Earth, lime, sand, recycled glass, tile, and paper products can all be used to make paints, plasters, terrazzo or cob floors, mosaics, decorative fresco and sgraffito. Our area's own White Star lime is used internationally for amazingly sensuous and waterproof tadelakt finishes.

There will be pictures, samples, and recipes for these amazing, non-toxic, and high-performance natural finishes during the live demonstration and participation from 1-3pm. All are welcome. Held at at Green Okanogan, 3 Rodeo Rd, Tonasket 98855

(GO Recycle and GO Again Thrift Shop will be open during our normal Saturday hours of 10 and 4 on Earth day April 22nd.)
Good to Know
A regular visitor to GO recently let us know her trash has been cut in half by recycling with us. :-) Let us know how it's working for you!

GO Recycle & GO Again
at  3 Rodeo Rd
is just south of Tonasket
off Hwy 97 at Clarkson Mill Road 

For general feedback, input, and inquiries we can be reached at:

Green Okanogan
P.O. Box 604
Tonasket, WA 98855

(509) 486-0674


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