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Winter is coming--and we're ok with that at 3 Rodeo Road.  Green Okanogan is celebrating two major accomplishments, and several mid-size steps, that are making this fall and winter more comfortable than last year.

Big deal #1--Our cement work is finished!  Work was completed in early November by Crofoot Concrete and Construction, thanks to funding from the USDA Rural Development grant (and a lot of board and staff effort, as well.)  We now have an ADA parking space leading into the GO Again thrift store and to a restroom; we also have a 100' x 60' concrete pad work area on the recycling end of the yard (so much better for cars and our forklift!)
See a few pics here

Big deal #2-- The installation of 3-phase electrical power is done!   Our baling equipment had problems from the start because of voltage issues.  Without a reliable baler we cannot compress and bundle tin, plastic, and cardboard for transport (so, very important to fix.)  This electrical upgrade is making our baler (both the machine and Sandy, our conscientious and dedicated operator) much happier.  The upgrade will also allow us to add other industrial equipment in future.  

Winterization progress continues.  Our staff break room has a lowered ceiling and is better insulated to keep volunteers warm this winter.  Coffee and hot water for tea will be provided.  We will soon have vinyl strips across the warehouse door and better heating to keep the baler (and workers) running efficiently.  And we're working to provide dry cover and storage for our paper products.  

WE NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS to keep the center recycling throughout the winter. Please consider committing to helping out one day (or more) per month.  

Other Bits of News:
-The Barterfaire recycling and clean-up went well, thanks to Mariah's excellent guidance and hard work.

-More shipments of cardboard and e-cycling went out recently, and mixed paper is going out this week.  We're happy to move the recycling to where it needs to go--then it can come back to us as products like apple boxes and paper padding to protect the apples. :-)

-This holiday season remember we take wrapping paper and greeting cards in our MIXED PAPER recycling.  Magazine-like slick paper, colors, etc are all good--just NO metallic / foil paper (so keep that in mind when buying holiday wraps and gift bags--"pre-cycle" so it can be recycled.) more on What We Take at Go Recycle
Green Okanogan Needs a New Board Member.  After several years of service Catherine Woodfield is stepping down.   Please consider joining our board and being a part of this exciting adventure.

The board election will be held at our MEMBERSHIP MEETING on Sunday DECEMBER 17th, from noon to 2pm, at the Community Cultural Center.  GO will provide a hot entrée and beverages.  It would nice if members would bring finger foods or desserts.

Following our meeting, the CCC will host Elephants In the Coffee, an award-winning documentary by Tonasket native Dr. Thomas Grant.   The film shows how the growth of coffee plantations in southern India led to deadly conflicts between humans and elephants.  Now these conflicts are forcing the world’s largest land mammal into the world’s largest cages.  Admission to the film is $5.

GO Recycle and Go Again thrift store will be open on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays this holiday season.

This season you might be shopping online.  Remember to use the AMAZON SMILE program, where Amazon donates half-of-one-percent of items purchased to non-profits--like us!  It is simple to use.  Just add "smile dot" before "amazon dot com" and pick Green Okanogan as your designated charity.

It's exactly the same as shopping regular Amazon  (the prices are the same, if you have an account you sign in the same and have all your history there) but Amazon kicks in half-of-one-percent of the bill. Maybe not a fortune, but if you're shopping there anyway, why not have some of A's profits go to GO?  Tell your family and friends outside the area, too!  send them to

Even easier than remembering to add "smile" to the address--try these browser extension that automatically change any amazon URL you might click to ""  There's  Smile Redirect for Firefox users and Smile Always extension for Chrome
Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to seeing you soon!
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(this page updated 12-16-17)

GO Recycle & GO Again
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Thank you for your continued support.
We look forward to seeing you soon!

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